Let’s talk about the preparation of food for a moment. Do you ever think about th condition of the kitchen in any given restaurant? Complete strangers preparing our food. We really need to feel that all is appropriate back there. That their hair is tied back, that they washed their hands after the bathroom, that the griddles and kettles have been cleaned and maintained. That the food and condiments haven’t been in the fridge to long, and that the chicken was cooked long enough.

Well, how about the production of our food. Wouldn’t you want to know the practices used to produce, rise and grow our food? Any negative or positive affects from that process.The chemicals used to grow and clean those foods¬†and collateral damage associated with these practices? Where did all those ingredients come from? How in God’s name did they come up with all those unpronounceable words in the list of ingredients?

Are you not at least curious? I mean we put these products in our body on a daily bases. We’re more concerned about the quality of the gas we use in our sports cars then the food we ingest.

I listened to my sister talk about food concerns for a number of years until she died in 2008, giving the same disinterested response so many people have shared with me. My mother was chronically ill for the last 6 years of her life and died in 2006. Both of cancer. I know of at least 11 people that have died of brain cancer since then.

Have you made a link between some things you consume and and side affects? I”m curious!!!! Please share ¬†with me.

For me this isn’t as much about the ills of the industial food system as much as it is about doing the right thing. Thats the focus of our farm, Creekwood Acres, a system that heals the soil and produces the best food possible with balance, peace, and harmony.

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