Did you know there are billions to hundreds of billions of soil microorganisms in a mere handful of a typical, garden soil. That single handful might well contain thousands of different species of bacteria (most of whom have yet to be classified), hundreds of different species of fungi and protozoa, dozens of different species of nematodes plus a goodly assortment of various mites and other microarthropods. Almost all of these countless soil organisms are not only beneficial, but essential to the life giving properties of soil.

In the production of food it’s been said, if you get the organic matter in soil right, everything else takes care of itself. It could be said the the soil is a universe of its own, working miracles that sustain all other life. When we use synthetic fertilizers, we change the balance of these microorganisms upsetting the balance needed to grow our grasses, plants and crops.

Synthetic fertilizers can dramatically diminish the nutritional value of foods. Synthetic fertilizers also diminish the natural disease fighting and pest fighting mechanisms of plants. To solve this problem more and varied chemicals are used like pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. We end up with foods that are lacking in viable nutrition (USDA studies show reductions in nutrients for 30 to 70 % in the last 40 years plus they are loaded with residue forms of dangerous chemicals.

Organically grown food cost more but is worth the extra for its long term health benefits.

Adding organic matter that has come from composting can be very healthy and life supporting and sustainable. So think twice before you spray chemicles or use synthetic fertilizers.

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