Genetically Modified Organism.

Genetically modified food has been around for about the last 2 decades. Some sources conservatively estimate that 60% of more of processed food s available in the United States contain GM ingredients, because most processed foods contain corn and/or soy products. GMO is a process that takes a genetic component of one thing and combines it with another to give the combined a knew trait. Something that can’t happen in nature. Should we question natures (God if you like) approach to its management or the human race? The biggest producer of these GMO, Monsanto and Syngenta, bring their own research to the government body overseeing their products.

Here’s where FAITH comes into play. The FDA does not do any independent review, yet contrary to other studies revealing health concerns, they (FDA) give their stamp of approval. Those are our tax dollars supporting the very demise of our environment and personal health, yet with their stamp of approval we can sleep at night. Wake up people, thats exactly what they want us to do through this whole process…..SLEEP.

The other factor reared its powerful head when The Oregon initiative was soundly defeated. Measure 27, a mandatory labeling law was declined in 2002. Monsanto took the financial lead against Measure 27 with contributions totaling $1,480,000 followed by Dupont with $634,000. Other contributors included Biotech companies Syngentra, Dow agroscience, BASF and Bayer Crop Science plus the Grocery Manufacturers of America (a trade organization), PepsiCo, General Millsand Nestly USA contributed $900,000.

It all comes down to money. If GMOs fail, shareholders in Monsanto, Bayer, Syngentra and other companies will see their investments plummet. According to Yahoo! Finance, more then 80 percent of Monsanto’s stock is held by institutional holders such as Vanguard and funds such as Davis, Fidelity and T. Rowe Price. If GMOs don’t benefit the farmers that use them, and if they don’t benefit the customers who eat them unknowingly, who gains from GMOs?

Stockbrokers. And you, if you have investments that own stock Monsanto and other Biotech companies. Another example of blind faith where we invest in the market to help support another failing practice so we can retire one day. Hopefully we’re not all too chronically sick or dead to enjoy that retirement.

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