Life after the Fire

It’s been five months and four days since the fire and the support and concern have been amazing. The insurance process has been finalized. Our flooring company had the best coverage and perhaps that has been helpful in getting my main income back up and running. We will add the tools and equipment as needed over the next 18 months, as we have 2 years to fulfill our replacement purchases with each of the two companies. I haven’t figured out how to replenish my wood working shop, but that’s less of a concern at this point without the shop and shed space anyhow. The tree service will be suspended at this point, with a minimal hope for a chipper I can use on the farm.

On a plus side, much of my welding equipment was insured through the flooring company and I’ve purchased those tools and have made portable welding tables to fabricate needed equipment, and who can only guess what else for the farm and business. This being portable on casters allows me to roll out the cutting and welding tables onto the driveway to do fabrication and repair. I guess I’ll have to be a fair weather welder.

The sawmill is intact as well and has been, and will be, utilized to cut as much lumber as I can for the reconstruction. Shelving was made for the garage and basement for the temporary base for TMT Integrity Flooring. This approach and the use of the garage allows me to keep overhead low and re-allocate that time and or money  to other current and  future reconstruction efforts.

Then there was the personal insurance… A rider of only 10% of the house insurance for other structures and 11 years of improvements to those structures, without a review or increase in coverage left the building coverage short…to say the least. This was our first largest short coming…85% of its reconstruction cost. The content insurance was good, but also 30% short. With all that said and the mental anguish of loosing everything that gave me the ability to do what I do…I’m slowly redefining myself and my direction, which turns out to be not so different…, just in a different place or state.

I’ve had more time to connect with friends and to be fidgety, and my nails can’t keep up with the bitting as we worked through the insurance and wait to remedy some land issues that approach and encroach other property…Yikes. I could play a dirty card here, but positive negotiations with neighbors are in the works to resolve this and the county says they’re willing to work with us, hence the delay in getting the needed permit to rebuild. This will also give me the desired results, with and for, future rejuvenative farming objectives. We went through the process of obtaining a “Conditional Use Permit” to run our business from our farm…who knew I even needed that…so cumbersome.

This new senario also creates a very different financial picture for us. One that brings out the best in my creativity if you know what I mean. With a healthy long term outlook, it should keep me creatively motivated. It will involve making, building, fabricating, and time…, lots of time, to get where I want to go, but then that’s perhaps a life with purPose…? Still a few hurdles, we’re patiently waiting, wish me and my family well….Thank you!

Thank you for your questions and concern. Please feel free to elaborate on this or ask questions. This is the best frame of mind I have been in since the fire. This, as some of you may know from your own personal experience, has caused an enormous amount of stress in our household, but maybe that goes without saying. I speak for my house and thank you for your genuine concern and support, emotionally, financially , and prayerfully.

From here I will be adding pictures and posts of things we’re working on. If you’re interested, please join in on the ongoing adventure of “life”….Hope to see you soon.

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