The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Plastic has taken us into the future and has made many things possible and more convenient. All that convenience comes with a price though. First discovered in 1997 By Charles Moore, a conglomerate of plastic floating in the ocean that has grown to twice the size of France…Thats 0ver 424,000 square miles in size. Described more as a soup type arangement that reaches 10 meters below the waters surface.

The world’s navies and commercial shipping fleets make a significant contribution, he discovered, throwing some 639,000 plastic containers overboard every day, along with their other litter.

Worldwide, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, plastic is killing a million seabirds a year, and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles. It kills by entanglement, most commonly in discarded synthetic fishing lines and nets. It kills by choking throats and gullets and clogging up digestive tracts, leading to fatal constipation. Bottle caps, pocket combs, cigarette lighters, tampon applicators, cottonbud shafts, toothbrushes, toys, syringes and plastic shopping bags are routinely found in the stomachs of dead seabirds and turtles.

Should we care about this, or do we wait to feel the effects directly. Do we wait for the goverments to take action and implement yet another regulation. Do we have faith in God that this is part of the plan.

Or can we start with tiny steps to not use or minimize plastic bottles, styrofoam cups and plates, ect. Choose paper at the grocery store or betty yet, bring your own bag. I was at a graduation party this summer and was delighted that the young lady had bought used plates (real) and jars for pennies on the dollar and set up dish wash stations for the guests to clean their dishes, thereby elimination disposable dish ware. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Fun as well! Great job Nicolette!

Remember to think outside the box like Nicolette, group think is killing us….

Have a wood day!

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