Let’s talk about the preparation of food for a moment. Do you ever think about th condition of the kitchen in any given restaurant? Complete strangers preparing our food. We really need to feel that all is appropriate back there. That their hair is tied back, that they washed their hands after the bathroom, that the griddles and kettles have been cleaned and maintained. That the food and condiments haven’t been in the fridge to long, and that the chicken was cooked long enough.

Well, how about the production of our food. Wouldn’t you want to know the practices used to produce, rise and grow our food? Any negative or positive affects from that process.The chemicals used to grow and clean those foods¬†and collateral damage associated with these practices? Where did all those ingredients come from? How in God’s name did they come up with all those unpronounceable words in the list of ingredients?

Are you not at least curious? I mean we put these products in our body on a daily bases. We’re more concerned about the quality of the gas we use in our sports cars then the food we ingest.

I listened to my sister talk about food concerns for a number of years until she died in 2008, giving the same disinterested response so many people have shared with me. My mother was chronically ill for the last 6 years of her life and died in 2006. Both of cancer. I know of at least 11 people that have died of brain cancer since then.

Have you made a link between some things you consume and and side affects? I”m curious!!!! Please share ¬†with me.

For me this isn’t as much about the ills of the industial food system as much as it is about doing the right thing. Thats the focus of our farm, Creekwood Acres, a system that heals the soil and produces the best food possible with balance, peace, and harmony.


Did you know there are billions to hundreds of billions of soil microorganisms in a mere handful of a typical, garden soil. That single handful might well contain thousands of different species of bacteria (most of whom have yet to be classified), hundreds of different species of fungi and protozoa, dozens of different species of nematodes plus a goodly assortment of various mites and other microarthropods. Almost all of these countless soil organisms are not only beneficial, but essential to the life giving properties of soil.

In the production of food it’s been said, if you get the organic matter in soil right, everything else takes care of itself. It could be said the the soil is a universe of its own, working miracles that sustain all other life. When we use synthetic fertilizers, we change the balance of these microorganisms upsetting the balance needed to grow our grasses, plants and crops.

Synthetic fertilizers can dramatically diminish the nutritional value of foods. Synthetic fertilizers also diminish the natural disease fighting and pest fighting mechanisms of plants. To solve this problem more and varied chemicals are used like pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. We end up with foods that are lacking in viable nutrition (USDA studies show reductions in nutrients for 30 to 70 % in the last 40 years plus they are loaded with residue forms of dangerous chemicals.

Organically grown food cost more but is worth the extra for its long term health benefits.

Adding organic matter that has come from composting can be very healthy and life supporting and sustainable. So think twice before you spray chemicles or use synthetic fertilizers.


Genetically Modified Organism.

Genetically modified food has been around for about the last 2 decades. Some sources conservatively estimate that 60% of more of processed food s available in the United States contain GM ingredients, because most processed foods contain corn and/or soy products. GMO is a process that takes a genetic component of one thing and combines it with another to give the combined a knew trait. Something that can’t happen in nature. Should we question natures (God if you like) approach to its management or the human race? The biggest producer of these GMO, Monsanto and Syngenta, bring their own research to the government body overseeing their products.

Here’s where FAITH comes into play. The FDA does not do any independent review, yet contrary to other studies revealing health concerns, they (FDA) give their stamp of approval. Those are our tax dollars supporting the very demise of our environment and personal health, yet with their stamp of approval we can sleep at night. Wake up people, thats exactly what they want us to do through this whole process…..SLEEP.

The other factor reared its powerful head when The Oregon initiative was soundly defeated. Measure 27, a mandatory labeling law was declined in 2002. Monsanto took the financial lead against Measure 27 with contributions totaling $1,480,000 followed by Dupont with $634,000. Other contributors included Biotech companies Syngentra, Dow agroscience, BASF and Bayer Crop Science plus the Grocery Manufacturers of America (a trade organization), PepsiCo, General Millsand Nestly USA contributed $900,000.

It all comes down to money. If GMOs fail, shareholders in Monsanto, Bayer, Syngentra and other companies will see their investments plummet. According to Yahoo! Finance, more then 80 percent of Monsanto’s stock is held by institutional holders such as Vanguard and funds such as Davis, Fidelity and T. Rowe Price. If GMOs don’t benefit the farmers that use them, and if they don’t benefit the customers who eat them unknowingly, who gains from GMOs?

Stockbrokers. And you, if you have investments that own stock Monsanto and other Biotech companies. Another example of blind faith where we invest in the market to help support another failing practice so we can retire one day. Hopefully we’re not all too chronically sick or dead to enjoy that retirement.

To get involved or learn more go to


A conversation with a very close friend and devout christian asked me in the midst of a conversation, of what seemed to be gloom and doom on my part: “do I think God would let the world be destroyed? I thought for a moment feeling the weight and trappings of such a question and replied: “life will go on with or with out man kind”.

As christians we put a lot of weight on “faith” but often forget some of our actions or lack of, is the indirect or direct cause of our own demise. “We and our” in the past sentence can speak to the individual or the society as a whole. With faith we are quick to invest in the markets on Wall Street which now doubt has brought us wonderful advancements in civilization, yet has turned to a money machine for a few elite which generates $55-million bonus for the CEO of Goldman Sachs and a $400-million severance package for the outgoing Exxon CEO. ( Tasch, pg 134) . With faith we can trust that God is creating and implementing the solution while we continue to contribute to the problem. (see future blogs for some examples)

So “FAITH” without action is nothing more then absence of awareness or an ability to wear blinders.



Tasch, Woody. Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as If Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Pub., 2010. Print.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

This past week I was in the Boundary Waters on a canoe trip. Great beauty and the perfect encounter with nature. As I was looking around and admiring the beauty, peace and harmony, I found my thoughts drifting back home to all the possessions I have. Then I thought of our forefathers who were absent of many if not most of the items we have. So as my thoughts pondered the realization that everything we have… comes to us via the earths resources. .

As resources get used up and depleted, could future generations, in the name of economic growth, jobs creation and revenue for the state put such places as the Boundary Waters at risk?

Southwestern states have already approached MN to create a pipe line from Lake Superior which was thankfully denied. But interestingly enough, According to the Cook County News Herald, Governor Mark Dayton included a $3.6 million Bonding Bill for the creation of a pipe line from Lake Superior to the Lutsen Mountains.

Charles Skinner explained to the Lutsen Town Board at its Tuesday, January 17 meeting that the development of a pipeline from Lake Superior to Lutsen Mountains and a water treatment facility would serve three purposes. He said the water drawn from Lake Superior would be used for snowmaking, for irrigation at Superior National at Lutsen golf course, and for drinking water for the resorts and condominium associations in the water district.

Not a big deal you say, lots of water….When and how did they decide that enough trees were cut down or did they strip the land?